Sex Offender Registration Unit

The unit conducts compliance checks to insure that all registered sex offenders comply with the sex offender registration laws. The intent of sex offender registration unit is to ensure that all parolees, probationers, and discharged registered sex offenders stay in compliance with the Sex Offender Registration Program. The unit provides law enforcement assistance to parole officers, probation officers (including out of county and state officers), monitoring registered sex offenders, monitors discharged sex offenders, and conducts compliance checks, provides discharged registered sex offenders with appropriate sex offender registration forms and updates on sex offender registration laws and conducts criminal investigations on registered sex offenders who are not in compliance with the Sex Offender Registration Program.

For complete statewide information for Sex Offender Registration, visit the Department of Public Safety website at ​ ​

​Please contact Sgt. Cody McKinney at or 972-617-7632 if you have any additional questions.