Ride Along Program

The Ride Along Program allows citizens to periodically accompany officers to observe patrol activities. The practice is beneficial to both citizens and officers who participate in the program. The program provides officers the opportunity to explain the how’s and why’s of police work. Too often, citizens’ perceptions of police work are based solely on television dramas. The program gives the citizen the opportunity to see incidents from the officer's perspective. Both parties gain a better understanding of police and public contacts, and both are able to provide positive ideas for improving police and community relations.

For friends and relatives, being an observer provides a better understanding of an officer's duties and may calm concerns about officer safety. In all instances, participation in the process allows an officer to present a positive image of the Police Department.

No person may ride unless the request has been approved in accordance with Red Oak Police Department General Orders.  Merely submitting a request to ride does not grant the requestor approval to ride.

Persons Eligible to Observe:

  1.  Civilian employees of the Police Department whose training requires a patrol observation period:
  2. N.E.E.D. employees whose training requires a patrol observation period;
  3. Police Department chaplain:
  4.  Sworn employee of another law enforcement agency;
  5. A member of the general public or a family member who is at least 18 years of age;
  6. An intern;
  7. Citizen Police Academy student;
  8. Volunteer; and
  9. Any civilian that has been approved by the Chief of Police

Persons Not Eligible to Observe:

  1. Off-duty Police Department member;
  2. A person who does not have prior approval;
  3. A person whose privilege has been canceled, suspended, refused, or denied within 12 calendar months of the current request application;
  4. A person whose privilege has been terminated. 


Exceptions to the provisions in this section may be granted by the police chief or Operations Bureau commander.

Application & Review Process:

Any person may accept a completed application. Completed applications will be forwarded to the Administrative Lieutenant for processing and determining eligibility to ride.

The application consists of the following forms:

  1. Civilian Rider Request Form (CRR-1). This form must be completed for each person requesting to ride. If the requestor is a minor, a legal parent or guardian must complete the section relating to the guardian.
  2. Police Rider Waiver - (PRW-1). This form must be completed by the adult requestor and submitted with the CRR-1;
  3. Patrol Observation “Code of Conduct” (POCOC-1). This form must be given to the requestor at the time the application is received by the requestor.

The approved observation period expires 30 calendar days from the approval date.

 An approved observer may ride only at the specified time:

  1. The Civilian Rider Request Form (CRR-1) will state the observation period time and date.
  2. Regardless of the end time, no observation period may extend beyond 12 hours. 

No observer will be assigned to an officer who:

  1. has less than one year of service with the Police Department;
  2. is in remedial training;
  3. is on disciplinary or work performance probation;

No more than two observers will be scheduled during the same time. 

Complete the below paperwork: