My bill seems high. What can I do?
First, make sure you don't have any faucets that are dripping, inside or outside your home. Second, we recommend you do a dye test on your toilets. Put some food coloring in the tank of the toilet, don't flush it, go back in about 30 minutes or so. If any of the colored water from the tank is in the bowl of the toilet, your toilet is leaking. This is a major water waster because a lot of times people don't realize the toilet is leaking because the water isn't going in the floor. Third, if you have an irrigation system, check the settings. Customers have said that they have had more than one program on at the same time and didn't realize it until they checked their programs. If you still have a question regarding your bill, please call the Utility Customer Service office at (972) 617-3638.

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1. When is my bill due?
2. What are my payment options and where can I pay?
3. My bill seems high. What can I do?